While you request a design from an unlimited graphic design Provider what details you must know?


As a businessman, you need a logo or a social media post to reach out to an audience, in such a way, they speak for your brand, attract them, make them purchase decisions. Your brand image is a powerful tool to improve your customer ratings and take your business to the next level. Most companies redesign their logo every 5-10 years, maybe the same logo with a modern look. It is imperative that your logo or social media postings need to be of high quality and this could be designed by a professionally experienced graphic designer with creative skill.

However, to design the best marketing collaterals, you have to provide necessary details about the task. You can’t expect the best final  design, unless you know clearly all the details about the project.

Your poor communication, or confusing instructions will lead to waste of time and also develop misunderstanding with your graphic design agency.

Here we have listed the general guidelines on how you can communicate better with your designer, when you request for designs.

  1. What is the goal of your design?

Clearly understand the purpose of your design. Is it for launching a new product? What type of audience the design is intended to reach?, the location etc. The color or font used will have a major impact on the message conveyed to the audience. The intent of the landing page, email banner or podcast graphics,all have different effects to the viewers. Let yourself be clear with the objective of the design/project playing first priority.

  1. Provide all necessary details

While your expectations are promptly communicated to designers by supplying all the details, then the final design would meet your expectations.

The below are the details you must share:

*. Your industry type (real estate, insurance, music, food, finance)

*. Your target audience – age, sex

*. Share your brand profile

*. Demography

*. Share your website, facebook, linkedin or Instagram page.

*. Your competitors

*. Share your mind – font, color

*. Your budget

3. Be clear, Concise and complete

Brand image is a powerful tool to speak about your company to the audience. You need to give your details very concisely to the graphic designer, clear their doubts, even when there are many, don’t bother, your vision will be taken care of by the designer.

4. Share your deadline with designersThe completion date for each project needs to be shared with the designer and fixed based on the complexity of the tasks. Given sufficient time is very important for designs & revision phases if you want to design beyond        , you have to create a pipeline for the target design. You do specify the delivery time which is quite reasonable, practically possible and mutually agreed by both.

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