WHAT IS molded pulp packaging ?


Mash is produced using water and paper; frequently cardboard, paper or a blend of both.

When combined as one, they structure a slurry that is formed, squeezed and dried. Shaped mash is an eco-accommodating bundling elective that is produced using reused molded pulp packaging . These materials give another life to excess paper and diminish the measure of virgin paper we use to nothing.

Found in the clinical, produce, modern and cultivation businesses, shaped mash is a multi-reason material. Its recyclable and compostable nature permits Cullen to help eco-circumspect business supplant their present non-recyclable plastic bundling.

Shaped molded pulp packaging

The creation interaction starts with our group of in-house tooling engineers. They make the molds that are utilized to fabricate the formed mash item. Working inside our assembling office, our designers keep up with and fix all around utilized apparatuses so we keep on assembling a predictable and quality item.

Utilizing our Wet Pressing Technology, mash is vacuum shaped into the form, wet squeezed for an unrivaled completion then, at that point moved into the tri-zone dryer, dissipating the overabundance water at a controlled rate to forestall consuming or singing. When dry, formed mash holds its inflexible shape.

Our ‘off-the-rack’ items cover the clinical, produce and cultivation businesses. Frequently we’ll talk with organizations who as of now utilize plastic bundling to make bespoke shaped mash bundling. We counsel on activities to make a client brief and make tooling that will create a bespoke mash item dependent on the set


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