What is digital eye strain and how can we prevent it?

digital eye strain

People who continuously sit in front of digital screens for hours are the ones who mostly have computer vision syndrome. But what exactly is computer vision syndrome and are there any treatments to prevent this? We will talk about all of this here in detail. 

Eyecare is very important and most importantly for computer users. Let’s move further with the very important information you must know. 

What is computer vision syndrome?

Computer vision syndrome, also referred to as digital eye strain is a group of vision problems from prolonged use of computers. Many individuals experience eye discomfort or vision problems when viewing digital screens. This is all because of the long durations spent in front of mobile phones, computers, e-readers, etc. 

These problems can include dry eyes, teary and red eyes. Your eyes may seem tired and face problems in focusing on objects. Most computer users have these problems at least some time in their lives. 

What causes computer vision syndrome? 

Because of many reasons, reading texts on the computer is harder than reading printed material. This is why continuous use of computers may cause eye strain but reading a book will not. Many factors such as screen glare, lighting issues, poor posture while using a computer, viewing the computer from a wrong position and angle, eye strain would also be caused because of any uncorrected vision disease and sometimes a combination of these problems. 

Have you ever noticed that we blink often less while using our computers, this causes dry eyes which further causes eye strain.  Some symptoms of eye strain are dry eyes, double vision, blurred vision, eye fatigue, eye discomfort, eye redness, headaches, and neck and shoulder pain. Most of these symptoms are temporary which means they are seen for a short period of time and may stop when you stop the use of a computer.

But there may be some symptoms seen for a long time and be a serious issue. Symptoms may get worse if you don’t solve the problem on time. 

How to treat digital eye strain?

Digital eye strain is serious but it can also be treated in many ways, let’s discuss these ways in detail. 

  • Enlarge the texts on your digital screen, this will help you reduce the focus.
  • Reduce glare coming from any other light source in your environment, and try using a screen glare filter. 
  • Place your screen at least 20 to 28 inches far from your eyes. 
  • And as discussed please try to blink often while using your screens, this will help you prevent dry eyes, and with that will provide some help with eye strain too. 
  • Don’t ever slump over the computer screen.
  • Rest your eyes for 20 mins at least after every 2 hours of computer or any other digital screen use. 
  • Try using computer reading glasses, they are specially designed in a way to prevent digital eye strain. Fake reading glasses will also be helpful here as they are not at all harmful to our eyes and help to reduce digital eye strain and glare. Transparent glasses for men and transparent glasses for women will also be helpful here to an extent for digital eye strain. By giving protection to our eyes, these glasses will also make some heads turn as they look really cool and amazing. Some people also wear these just for fashion, it is so cool that you get protection and fashion in a single thing.

Now, what are all things you can do to prevent eye strain? Create a better working environment to prevent eye strain. And if you are using glasses or corrective lenses visit your eye care professional once every year and do meditation or yoga in the morning before sitting in front of the digital screen. Sitting exercise while using your computer is also a very good option to somehow stay away from eye strain or computer vision syndrome. 

Giving rest to your eyes regularly is one of the best options to treat eye strain. If your computer vision syndrome gets worse then it is advised that you should go and visit a good eye doctor and do things as said. Regular medication is important but with that precautions are also mandatory.  

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