The best time to ride or hike is in winter. When we are out of mentally and spiritually, we must train to walk. First of all,

where are we going, should we decide? , How to get there? where are we? The most important thing about where we live and the most relevant is that it is impossible without any interest rate hike, that is the cost. We have to choose how much we pay. There must be someone on foot to determine all this. All the preparations are difficult for newcomers at least 2 times, because  they don’t know where they live? where to? – how to get to?

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How to get there

So if you are a beginner and want to travel three laps, I will be your guide.  You answer all the questions that bother you to go for a walk in Triund Trek. Triund is a small mountain resort in the Kangra region. Himachal Pradesh. Triund is a member of Dharamkot. Located at the foot of the Dhauladhar mountain range in Triund, 2,828 m above sea level.

If you are from Delhi and plan to walk there, you have two ways.

Arrived in Kangra. Conrad arrives. The path is one, the flight is the other. If you choose to go directly to the city center, it takes 8h55m, but if you choose the flight is not directly in the city, but outside the city, then you must get to the city, and book a taxi that takes 3h10m. If you ask what I want I chose the bus route because it saved almost 4000. After arriving in Kangar, he checked into a hotel for the first time. An elegant person, because your body needs to rest after a walk.  Fresh and energetic vibrations bring you pain and good sleep.

The Small Hotel Hotel Sri Garden, Federal Hotel Kangar Perlis, Ban is listed under my Hotel Cheong and Hotel Seri Kangar Malaysia. When you go to by yourself, you can rent a villa RS.2000 to your companions, then you have a profit here RS5000. RS5000. Go to Mcleod Ganj or book a hotel room here. Take a bus from Mcleod Ganj at 9 o’clock every morning. This small temple is called Gunnar Devi Temple. The Guna Devi Temple is only 3 km away. From the bus station, you can walk to the temple in the cool morning. You must listen to my advice because your body is very hot and all the joints are open, so you will not hurt yourself during the walk. Trekking.

About Triund Trail

Starting from the temple, Guna Devi begins her original Trio route. This is a big problem.

days but a steep hike. Triund is the ideal place to easily enjoy  trekking in the Himalayas. You may find  is just a steep oak and rhododendron during the hike. There are also different options. Birds singing along the path, as well as trees, the joy of bird watchers. After walking 9 to 10 kilometers, you will reach the town of Leta. is almost four or five hours. This means you have to sit there all night. You don’t need to bring some camping stuff, because the villagers gave you  to camp. It does not have an ATM, but the Internet is not so good. has money to pay rent. One thing is that you have to bring some coats and dresses. warm dress. I really like the night view of the mountains, parties and so on. more events. Extra activities. The next day, Guna Devi was taken down from Leta Village.

Temple is the same as the time not exceeding 3 hours.

hope it can help you prepare for Triund Trek. The beautiful Triund tapestry is waiting for you, and we hope you find this article. Route . road. I wish you a pleasant and healthy journey. In recent years, the

Triund hike near Mcleodganj has become popular for its scenic hikes. The scenery atop Triund Hill at 9,500 feet above sea level will always draw you in with the sheer beauty of the entire valley. With the hike of many tourists and adventure enthusiasts, this activity will redouble their efforts every year to take you to the famous Lacargot Glacier for a fun time, and then take the opportunity to camp there. You can live in a three-way alpine tent.


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