Here is our guide for getting around in Qatar

Travelling to Qatar

Traveling to Qatar may not sound as glamorous as traveling to Paris, but it is definitely worth it if you plan a family trip. The capital of Qatar – Doha, has a lot to offer to families as a whole as compared to solo tourists. This article will explore a little about what events take place, how to plan a wholesome family trip, the bedouin hospitality, and more.

Events and festivals

Qatar hosts many festivals ranging from Shop Qatar to Qatar International Food Festival. With a rich program and special hotel offers, an abundance of cultural events, children’s events, and promotions in shopping centers, these festivals attract many tourists. Also, entertainment shows for the whole family have been held in Qatar for several years.

Framing the perfect trip

Qatar is an open and friendly country that is easy to get to and affectionately embraces visitors. Even though it is positioned in the heart of the old world, Qatar is conveniently located: One can reach it in six hours from most European capitals and nine hours from the major cities of the Far East and North America. Fifty other international airlines fly to Qatar, carrying over 32 million travellers annually through Hamad International Airport.

Traditions of hospitality

Qatar has some of the highest standards of service and quality of service in the world. Many international and regional hotels are beautifully appointed – modern, fully equipped rooms, elegant common areas, numerous restaurants and cafes, swimming pools, private beaches, gyms, spas, conference rooms and children’s play areas.

Qatar as a cruising stop

The Arab countries of the Arabian Gulf are among the three most popular “voyage” destinations in the winter months around the world, with guaranteed sunny weather, incredible desert panoramas and futuristic city scenes. While tourists are looking for new adventures outside of the traditional Caribbean and Mediterranean routes, Qatar is looking to harness the enormous potential that the cruise industry has to offer.

Under this plan, the port of Doha, right in the heart of the city, is undergoing a global makeover to become a cruise terminal and a tourist attraction. Besides, Qatar is a member of the Cruise Arabia Alliance, which offers tourists itineraries in several cities to showcase the Arabian Gulf’s best.

Getting around in Qatar with a family or a group of friends

Qatar offers various options of commute to locals and tourists alike. A few of them are:

  • Taxi’s (hard to miss as they’re in blue);
  • Uber;
  • Doha van rental services.

All of the above means of transportation are reliable and safe. You may feel more at ease with rental services since you won’t have to worry about the language barrier or waiting times during hot seasons.

Investment in the tourism industry of Qatar

In February 2014, the National Tourism Sector Development Strategy 2030 was launched, which aims to develop a sustainable tourism industry that celebrates Qatar’s cultural and natural treasures and diversifies its economy.

Since that time, Qatar has received over 10 million tourists, and the total contribution of the tourism sector to the economy has grown to 6.7% of the total GDP. The amount of money spent by tourists has increased to 21 billion Qatari riyals (according to the 2015 Tourism Satellite Account).

The Qatar Tourism Authority recently took stock of the country’s results since the launch of the National Tourism Sector Strategy to explore the most effective ways to further develop the country’s cultural and natural wealth.

The result is the Next Chapter program, a new five-year plan that positions Qatar as a hub of discovery. Cultural authenticity meets modernity, where people from all over the world come for unique offerings in business, sports, culture and family entertainment.

The Next Chapter is a blueprint for developing the country’s tourism sector and outlines how they will be implemented over the next five years. It includes six geographic zones throughout the country, each associated with a tourism theme based on geographic characteristics and natural resources. According to their theme, local and foreign investors will be invited to participate in the development of tourism products and services in each geographic area.


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