The entire process of migrating to Canada from Dubai


 Canada will always provide the people with the best of the opportunities for migration especially for the businessman and skilled workers. If the individuals are from Dubai and are interested to migrate to Canada can even bring their family along with them but will need to be clear about the whole process to migrate to Canada from Dubai.

 Following are the most important options of migrating to Canada from Dubai:

  • Federal economic class: This particular program will consist of Federal skilled workers, Federal skilled trades and Canadian experience class.
  • Provincial economic class: This particular type of program will consist of Canadian provinces which have immigration programs and job offers in some of these provinces are Manitoba immigration, Newfoundland immigration, Prince Edward Island immigration, Alberta immigration, Ontario immigration and several other kinds of options.
  • Québec immigration program: This is the only program that will provide the people with direct Canadian permanent resident status.
  • Business immigration: The Canadian federal law will always permit the candidates to buy a business and move on to Canada or on a temporary work permit.
  • Temporary resident first program: This particular program will allow the immigrants to come to Canada on a temporary resident basis and then convert them into permanent resident after living in Canada for a period of three years.
  • Family classed sponsorship: The immigrants from UAE with family members can apply for this particular program.

 The eligibility criterias required for the people to migrate to Canada from Dubai are mentioned as follows:

  • People need to have a minimum of 67 points for Canada’s express entry programme.
  • People need to have good English language skills and French language skills.
  • There should be full time but the experience of minimum or at least of two years
  • The work experience must be under skill types of skill type O (managerial occupation), skill level A (professional occupation) and skill level B (technical occupation and skilled trades)
  • People must have proper access to sufficient funds to support their immigration application along with health and character certificates.
  • People need to fulfil the educational credential assessment

 Following are the steps which the people need to fulfil:

  1. People need together with all the relevant educational documents and apply for educational credential assessment.
  2. People need to create a profile with express entry by filling all the details into the profile
  3. People need to strive to reach the latest express entry draw score and receive the invitation to apply for a Canada PR visa
  4. People need to submit the Visa fees and required documents within the allotted 60 days time
  5. After receiving the Visa approval notification people need to send the passport for stamping to the nearest embassy

 Canada is the most ideal destination for immigration from Dubai because it has different kinds of immigrant-friendly laws which make it the perfect country for living with family. Apart from this Canada work permit from Dubai is very much beneficial for the people because it provides people with great job opportunities, free healthcare, good quality of life and a very good standard of living.


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