Popular nuts with proper health benefits


Nuts are said to be a great source of healthy fats and they contain a lot of nutrients which can help one with a lot of health benefits.

One can buy dry fruits online and have them on a daily basis if they want to choose healthy eating habits. Here are some nuts that one can add to their regular diets:


It is said that walnuts are the oldest known tree food because its origin is dated back to 10,000 years. They appear to have a lot of health benefits because they are rich in phytochemicals. Hence they are one of the varieties when it comes to healthy nuts. It has a good content of Omega 3 fatty acids and is filled with anti inflammatory agents.  They can improve the bone health of a human being and also help them to prevent issues like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. According to many researches, walnut consumption can lower the level of bad cholesterol in a human body. The proteins present in the nut can fight the breast and colon cancer cells.


Most of the world’s almonds arrive from California and these nuts belong to the peach family. It is considered to be a super food and there are enough reasons for that. Almond consumption can reduce body weight, abdominal fat and can keep the blood pressure level under control in a human body. As per studies, these nuts have better glucose control and so it can improve the level of the triglycerides in a human body. Almonds are said to be the greater source of magnesium, calcium, Vitamin E and folate. One can not only eat them as nuts but can also consume them as almond milk, almond butter, almond oil and almond flour.


Consuming pistachios on a regular basis can lower the cholesterol level in one and can also beneficial for diabetic patients. It can improve the blood sugar control in a human body and as they contain reserveratol, it can help one to have better glucose level. People who have diabetes can get better insulin resistance after having pistachios on a daily basis. They have some anti inflammatory benefits as well.

Macadamia nuts

They are also known as the queen of nuts and many researches have been conducted to find out that consumption of this variety of nuts can lower the risk of heart diseases. In fact, if one takes these nuts on a daily basis then it can help them in lowering the level of bad cholesterol. These nuts are the good source of manganese and thiamine and so it has a lot of cardiovascular benefits.


They are the most popular snack nut with plenty of health benefits. They have a lot of anti inflammatory properties and essential minerals which can reduce the LDL cholesterol in the body. They can also help one to grow better immunity.

For online nut purchase, one can check some authentic sites where one can get nut boxes where essential mixed nuts are available.


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