From Hunter To Riders

The Stories sub-series is radically different from the usual Monster Hunter . In Wings of Ruin (as in the original), we become not hunters, but riders. We still have to kill a lot of monsters, but this is not the end of it – we need to get to their nests, steal eggs and take them to the village. As soon as someone hatches from an egg, he becomes the main character’s personal monster ( Capcom is aiming at a young audience, so the terminology is appropriate) and can fight with him. Moreover, they are allowed to ride it!

The combat system is also completely different – turn-based. It is based on the principle of “Log Horizon season 3” with three types of attacks: powerful, fast and technical. One beats the other and is weak against the third. The screen does not write what exactly the enemy monster will do in a second, but opponents do not try to outwit you – if someone prefers powerful attacks, he will use them. At least until he gets furious – then you have to rely on luck.

Defeated in the confrontation “Rock, paper, scissors” – only you will inflict damage, and the enemy will eventually miss a turn. Lose – get ready to use herb or potion, because the injuries here are usually serious. Well, if both participants in the fight chose the same thing, then both of them will receive damage. The system is interesting: there are double attacks, when you use the same type of attacks together with your monster; charges of communication with a tamed creature; all sorts of skills and orders to monsters. And if you do everything right, then sooner or later you will be allowed to saddle your ward and make a particularly powerful blow.

The lack of direct control over companions is sometimes annoying, especially considering how many opportunities the protagonist has. With you you carry three types of weapons and six monsters, and at the beginning of the turn you can freely switch between them without losing an action point. This allows you to quickly adapt to any situation, but your companion wanted to spit on all this – get ready to watch the lost battles “Stone, scissors, paper” over and over again. In the end, this doesn’t really affect the difficulty, but it is still annoying to miss a turn due to the need to heal someone with a potion.

Monsters exist to kill

The more varied your techniques in battles, the higher the final score and the more rewards you get. Most often these are body parts of monsters like horns and scales, which, as in all Monster Hunters , are needed to create equipment. Only here they do not require a certain amount of something – each part has a value. If for the production of weapons or armor you need to gain, for example, four points, then you can give four cheap parts or one “three-point” and one more usual. Plus, equipment can be improved, and resources are also spent on this, only more rare ones.

With monsters, too, everything is not as simple as it seems at first. When they are in your inventory, for each battle and completed task, they receive experience (even if they did not participate in the battle), and at the same time additional cells of their genes that give them abilities are opened. At some point, the gene transfer function becomes available – you part with one of the monsters in order to transfer his skill to an empty cell of someone else’s gene. Meticulous players who want to assemble a dream team will find it interesting to dive into all this, especially taking into account the subtleties like bingo – if three genes of the same color are put in one row, the monster will receive a bonus to characteristics.

All these systems are perfectly intertwined and make you want to spend a lot of time in the game. Numerous side quests are carried out mainly automatically, for them you get money that you spend on equipment, it comes in handy in hunting monsters for their eggs, carriers of useful genes hatch from eggs … Wings of Ruin does not seem to be a parasite on a well-known brand, which gained wild popularity after Best Grenade spots dust 2: World is still a “monkhan”, only different and unlike the main parts of the series.

Where is Switch Pro?

What’s really upsetting is the boring location design. Especially bad are the lairs of monsters, randomly generated after each teleportation to the village. They are too similar to each other within the same biome: they repeat the same areas. In large locations, there is really nothing to explore – you come across either a dead end or a chest with not the most useful contents.

Not all monsters can do everything, so to destroy stones, overcome chasms and climb vines, you need to switch to the corresponding monster. But according to the plot, you don’t have to do this at all – the path to the next goal is overcome by any creature, so the funny idea is implemented very mediocre. It is clear that the game is not about exploration, but traveling from point to point seems like a waste of time.

Optimization on Switch is also frustrating – the frame rate often drops in battles, in open locations, or in general in videos on the engine. After Rise , which worked almost flawlessly and looked great, Wings of Ruin constantly reminds with its performance of the weak hardware of the console. And the five-second downloads after each battle with the monsters are tiring, if you are already used to lightning-fast downloads on the next generation consoles.


But you cannot write history into shortcomings, although there are not enough stars from the sky. Everything is standard: the hunters attacked the guardian of the Rathalos guarding the island, after which all his relatives disappeared, and the rest of the monsters felt free and pose a danger to the inhabitants. A few hours later, we find the last egg of Rathalos, bring it to the village, and there it is considered a bad omen – according to legend, one of these monsters once plunged the world into chaos. Accordingly, we have to find out whether the subsequently hatched rathalos is really so dangerous and what secrets are associated with it.


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