9 Indian AI startups to look out for

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The Indian technological bandwagon gets an incredible push as numerous innovative startups emerge from across the country. The epicenter of startup activity is definitely Bangalore. The innovations are mostly focused on solving problems that are essentially Indian. The current startup scenario looks quite promising and artificial intelligence is at the core of many of them. These startups also contribute in creating suitable employment aspirants who undergo machine learning courses.  

Let us look at some such promising AI startups hailing from India and understand how they are trying to make a difference.


This startup always sparks my interest because they serve in a domain that matters the most in our country and gets the least amount of attention. CropIn digitizes farm data, integrates weather forecasts, soli data, and other metrics to provide assistance in decision making. It is a great addition to any agri-business. It can optimize its reports and predictions for diverse geographies. Helps farmers make the right decisions about cultivation, and harvest. It also assists distributors in pricing and yield analysis.

CropIn is a comprehensive tool for the Indian agriculture industry and has great promise and potential. We can expect to see wider and more vigorous usage of this system in the future.


Avaamo is trying to make conversational computing accessible for enterprises. They are using deep learning and speech synthesis, to make this possible. This conversational agent will be able to perform multi-term conversations. This could be a great augmentation in the areas of customer service, invoice creation, quote generation. Initiatives like these contribute to the true purpose of AI, freeing up human workers from mundane tasks and directing their intelligence in more profitable ways.

Niramai Health Analytix

Niramai has come up with a non-invasive and much safer way of detecting breast cancers. They are striving to create a painless, portable, easily operable tool, that is radiation free, for detecting breast cancers way earlier than traditional methods. This could be a great addition to our medical repertoire and save a lot of lives.


This is another exciting startup functioning in the healthcare domain. SigTuple designs AI powered diagnostic devices to analyze blood, urine, semen samples, x-rays, and retina scans. The software analyzes the samples and creates a report, the results are then reviewed by pathologists. These shortens the diagnostic process significantly.

They are also working on automated microscopes that will function without trained pathologists.


Haptik makes chatbots for different industries. Their specialty is creating industry specific bots. They provide capabilities like drag-and-drop bot building, and conversation analytics. With the massive popularity of natural language processing, and sentiment analysis, a company like Haptik is well set up for success. They currently have a partnership with Amazon AWS. Their clientele include Coca cola, and Amazon pay. 


Their flagship product is called Cerebra. Cerebra is an AI based software that provides diagnostic and prognostic analytics services to businesses. It helps a business unlock the true value of its data by finding out new opportunities.

Flutura is one of the most promising AI startups in India and has some pretty awesome partnerships and clients.

Uncanny Vision

This Bangalore based startup deploys computer vision to build next-gen surveillance systems for smart cities. For a high-profile client they can provide real-time actionable analytics service.

Uncanny vision has proven its worth as one of the top thirty innovative tech startups in India. It is also a favourite among employees on Glassdoor.

Ajna AI

This Chennai based startup provides computer vision and video analytics solutions to brands. They have done some pretty neat work during the pandemic. Ajna uses real time edge processing and tracking algorithms to perform tasks like customer behavior analysis, crowd management, etc.


This startup has created a lot of value for job seekers and technology aspirants. It is an AI assisted bot that creates interview simulations. They believe that the best people to ask for interview hacks are those who have actually cracked it. They have created a 24×7 platform that helps fresh graduates get the taste of a real time interview. The AI recommendation systems pick the experts that a certain student should be exposed to.

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The AI innovations in India started late but they are blooming fast, thanks to the startups in Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, and Delhi. The Indian government is keen on pushing India forward in the AI domination race. The nation’s standing in the world of AI depends on the innovation of startups and the skills of aspirants. 


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