One of the jewels of the Parvati Valley is another popular tour at Kasol Kheer Ganga in the Kullu region. This block is beautiful, encompassing a virtual global realm, allowing you more time to discover and explore the splendor of the world today. Walk 24 kilometers from the bay, through a pattern of use (one of the most beautiful hill stations in the Parvati Valley) and through the Rudra Nag Valley, which represents the way of life near Himachal Pradesh.

 You can experience the nearby food and the past of Himachal, lingering all the way and then turned into traffic and slopes, but the natural environment is difficult, every time I hear … Very well, I cannot cross it, you can admire the Parvati valley, the mountains and the pressure of autumn, and then the modification of the landscape begins to provide you with rural roads. Only 3 lanes will enter Kheerganga through Nathan village first, drive 13 kilometers then turn left towards Kheerganga via fast lane bridge.

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 Passing through the village of Kalya for the second time, 17 kilometers from Kheerganga, crossing the bridge and passing a busy lane, which can be approached by pedestrian vehicles. Lane 0.33 passes through the Tosh Valley, famous for its farmers. The old Kheerganga Trek can be found in the yellow hut, which is a haven from the warm springs. There is a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Parvati. This temple can be said to be the youngest son of King Shiva and the goddess of Parvati Kartica. Become holy and holy.

 This trip can be a kind of laughter, or it can provide enough thought. After walking to Kheer Ganga, the hot spring bath can relax your body. It is very suitable for beginners and experts, but the main factor is that tour kheerganga gives you the right ideas and obviously you will be able to walk in high-quality images. The temptation here is really perfect, because it opens on a starry night.

 In summer, the best time to arrive in the area is the starry sky and the warm temperature, but there is not a good idea, because there is no hotel, you may visit a campsite or that the locals offer rentals. Noble photographers and nature lovers can return to the sun the same way they came to kheerganga. After traveling and leaving countless memories, this adventure cannot be ignored.

 About Kasol-Kheerganga

 Kasol is a city in the Kuru region of India, Himachal Pradesh. It is located on the banks of the Parvati River, along the street between Bhuntar and Manikaran, in the Parvati Valley. The property is 30 kilometers and 3.5 kilometers from Bhuntar. Kasol is the best Himalayan resort for hikers and an ideal place to quickly get to Manana and Kheerganga. Due to the large proportion of Israeli tourists, this is also known as Israel’s India Day. For several months of the year, Castle has a good climate, with moderate snowstorms from December to February. Köppen-Geiger’s weather machine includes it.

 In northern India, Parvati Valley is located in the Himachal Pradesh region. The Parvati Valley extends eastward from the confluence of the Parvati River and the Bis River, starting from the Bantar region in the Kuru region of Himachal Pradesh and passing through a remote valley in northern India. This avenue goes uphill and overlooks the village of Manana near the famous tourist center of Casor from the nearby valley. Starting from the right, the street passes through the Sikh and Hindu trekking town of Manikaran, and finally reaches Purga, where a hydroelectric dam is being built. The trail stretches from Pulga to the temple, apparently after drinking the water, there is a small Dhaba on the Rudra-Nag waterfall.

 The road to the religious site of Kheerganga, located outside Rudra-Nag waterfall, rises from the dense pine forest, where Shiva is expected to look back 3000 years. Kheerganga hot springs and many other hot springs that believe in the sacred healing properties of water are very important to Hindu and Sikh pilgrims.


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