How to Prepare Chemistry Class 11 CBSE 2021?: must read


Whether you are going to appear in the Board exams, NEET or JEE Main, strong control over Chemistry Class 11 CBSE is vital for preparing good marks and rank. While reading organic Chemistry in Class 12 you will surely recognize the importance of Class 11 Chemistry. But don’t wait for so large or it would be too late. In this class, you become intimate with the basic ideas of organic Chemistry and if you fail to grasp those then you will face prosecution in the organic Chemistry of Class 12th.

In different aggressive exams like NEET, JEE Main, JEE Advanced, etc almost half of the entire questions are asked from Class 11th Chemistry. Some chapters like “Structure of Atom”, “Chemical Bonding & Molecular Building”, “Equilibrium” and Organic Chemistry are very essential for the competitive exams. If you want to ensure a berth for yourself in the prestigious Medical or Engineering Colleges of the range then you must read Class 11 Chemistry well. Let us see how to make Chemistry Class 11 CBSE.

A list of some of the recommended reference books and sample papers has been presented below. These books will help you in better preparing for Chemistry. On choosing mentioned links, you will be taken to the Amazon website from where you can buy desired books at special interests.

  1.  Oswaal CBSE Question Bank
  2.  Arihant Master the NCERT 
  3. Together with Chemistry

Class 11 Chemistry can be distributed into three branches i.e. Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, and Organic Chemistry. Many students think that in Physical Chemistry they need to choose only numerical. If you also have the same thought concerning this branch of Chemistry then like all, you are also somewhat wrong. Yes, you need to solve exponential in Physical Chemistry but at the same time,, you must not neglect the theory sections which are very important for both your final exam and different competitive exams.

The majority of numerical are valued from parts like Structure of Atom, States of Matter, Thermodynamics. Prepare these chapters properly. Try to work at least 10 mathematical daily. It will take you deeper and more converted. “Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure” is also a very important chapter. You will hardly find any differential in this chapter but go through this reading repeatedly. It is one of the most straightforward but highly marring Chemistry Class 11 CBSE. 

To prepare Inorganic Chemistry you just need a very sharp memory because it includes lots of knowledge. How many of you have learned any chapter from Inorganic Chemistry and have neglected it after few days? If I am not wrong then the majority of you are facing the same restriction. Don’t get discouraged and take out at least an hour from your busy schedule to read Inorganic Chemistry daily. Though in Class 11 you are demanded to learn only a limited piece of Inorganic Chemistry, never forget them for the last moment. If possible fix notes which will help you considerably during final preparation. 

I am once again demanding that the Organic Chemistry of Class 11th is the grounds that you urgently need to achieve good marks in both Class 12 Board Exams and the effective exams. If you will not study Physical and Inorganic Chemistry of Class 11th then you may face little problems in the more expensive Grades but if you fail to study Class 11 Organic Chemistry adequately then you will confront lots of problems in Class 12. It is one of the easiest branches of Chemistry if read properly or it can become the most dangerous branch if not read accurately. 

Some of the important topics of Class 11 Organic Chemistry are Nomenclature of Organic Syntheses, Inductive Effect, Isomerism, Resonance, Hyperconjugation, Quantitative Analysis (Dumas Method and Kjeldahl’s Method), Preparation of Alkanes, Conformations, Markovnikov and Anti Markovnikov rule, Oxidation of Alkenes and Chemical Properties of Benzene.

Go through NCERT first before observing any other textbooks. Practice every question of this book given in the Final. In Medical and Engineering Exams like NEET and JEE Main apart which are conducted by NTA majority of questions are required from NCERT hence never forget this book. 


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