How to get an important question for CFA mock exams from the question bank?


In this article, candidates will find practical support throughout the question bank of the first level of the CFA Program. The methodology will facilitate the organization of the study, as well as the permanent review of the most important concepts, through feedback and the solution of questions of all kinds. The above will be accompanied by practical advice from the professors, who in addition to having the designation as CFA Charter holder, have several years of experience in work related to the topics in which they prepare applicants for the designation.

The question bank will be offered 100% online. This question bank is aimed at people who require accompaniment in English to prepare for the exam. 

  • That the student understands all the contents of the curriculum by solving questions in each of the topics.
  • That the student finishes the course with an improvement in the level of understanding of the subjects and that this allows him to increase his chances of success in the exam.

That the students acquire tools that help them optimize study time with a review schedule designed for this purpose.

The methodology of the CFA exams question bank is based on the constant solution of exercises of the recently read topics and the review of topics seen several weeks ago. This, in order to consolidate the most important concepts, while the candidate becomes familiar with the different types of questions for the exam.

The monitoring of the performance of the course will be carried out with the help of Learning Analytics techniques, in order to identify strengths and weaknesses both at a general and individual level. Each candidate will be able to track their progress in a tool exclusively designed for this methodology.

After accessing the question bank, a mock exam will be practiced, with the same length of time and the same number of questions that are practiced in the real test. From the results obtained, the participant will receive a report with the results for each of the subjects, in order to efficiently use the last weeks before the actual exam.

  • It is an excellent complement to the preparation that each candidate must undertake on their own to pass the CFA level I exam.
  • You will be offered a study schedule that allows you to cover all the contents of the exam in 20 weeks.
  • All teachers in the program are CFA Charter holders.
  • The methodology is completely practical: in each class there is solution of exercises and resolution of doubts about the readings of the week.
  • It is an 80-hour training and accompaniment program in English.
  • At the end there is a mock written exam, in English, with the same duration and questions similar to those of the real test.

We have a large team of Charter holders who offer candidates the best possible preparation for the exam. Having gone through the demanding certification process has given them the knowledge and tools to train successful candidates.


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