Hidden Places in Canada That You Should Explore.

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 Many people might not be aware that Canada covers more than ten million square kilometers where you can spend years and years taking in everything that it has to offer. Canada is popularly known for its national parks, maple syrup and sports. But the country is a lot more than you can see. Some of the best things about Canada are hidden and are just waiting to get discovered. So whenever you book your international flights to Canada, do check out these hidden gems of the country.

 ·        Lake O’Hara 

 In Canada, British Columbia is a very well-known area that has plenty of attractions. But the one attraction that is located in Yoho International park is one of the hidden beauties buried. The park is home to several scenic hiking trails, lush green forest areas, and Lake O’Hara’s ultimate attraction. Every year many people try to get a reservation and permits to explore the beauty of this region. Lake O’Hara preserves the park’s supreme beauty and leaves with a pristine weather condition throughout the year. 

  • Lake Erie Shoreline 

 It is ubiquitous to understand that Ottawa and Toronto get much of the attraction. Many bustling buildings, financial districts, and towering skyscrapers make it easy for anyone to enjoy venturing into the district’s popular areas. However, Lake Erie in Ontario is a unique little shoreline that has been forgotten now. This is why now it is also known as Ontario’s forgotten shoreline. This site offers many beautiful beaches, zero big city vibes and some of the most picturesque views for all the visitors. To experience serenity, book your international flights from India to Canada and visit this forgotten shoreline. 

  • Kakabeka Falls 

 Kakabeka Falls might not be as popular as Niagara Falls of Canada, but it truly has a lot to offer its visitors. From here, you can watch the water tower over the rocks when it gushes down into the canyon below. Many adventurous hiking trails are also available nearby. You can also sample many local cuisines of Canada around the Kakabeka. The best part of Kakabeka Falls is that the place is very less crowded, unlike Niagara Falls, and you can enjoy a decent quiet time listening to sounds of gushing waterfalls flowing down. 

  • Clayoquot Sound 

 There’s nothing like lounging on the Hammock, and this is exactly what you get if you get the chance to locate this hidden gem in British Columbia. The whole area is filled with a huge series of treetop hammocks that overlook the ocean. The hiking way up to the top where you will spot hammocks, is a bit tough or challenging, but the view from there will be worth all the efforts. A diving team sets this area using dive materials and asks everyone who visits this place to treat it sustainably with care and respect. 

  • Kananaskis River 

Many people might always want to try surfing but could not find a perfect spot. But now it’s time to make that wish true by booking your international flights from India to Canada and visit the Kananaskis River. Located just a few hours’ drive from Calgary, this river offers spent fewer hours surfing with artificial waves. The waves are built through the boulder and provide shark free surfing zones with pristine views with no additional charges. Just enjoy countless hours of surfing with unlimited natural views surrounding all around you. 

  • Fredericton, New Brunswick 

 Fredericton is a big city with considered hidden gems founded by many locals and outsiders when it comes down to it. It also has a vast number of casual pubs, restaurants and it can be the best place to relax at night for a peaceful and quiet environment around you. To enjoy some outside world pub experience, visit Lunar Rogue Pub that is home to 600 types of whiskeys, and capture scenic mountain and river views from its gallery worth dying for. 

  • Whistler Train Wreck 

 In 1956, while crossing Cheakamus, a speedy train derailed, and some of the compartments were knocked off from tracks into the woods. Unfortunately, it cost too much for proper cleanup, so the railway company just opted for hauling those compartments into the woods only where people cannot spot them. Well, these train compartments have been in these woods since then, and now the area has been converted into a bike park. Many famous artists from different countries book their international flights to Canada to leave their artistry marks. 

  • Whitehorse, Yukon 

 Yukon is a territory where people put up with challenging winter conditions but somehow manage to survive with a smile. There are also many good restaurants in the town with everything ranging from Asian to Italian to Jamaican food delicacies. You will also spot a MacBride Museum of Yukon History that brings out this hidden frontier town’s colorful history. Visitors can also enjoy taking up strolls around the Yukon River in Miles Canyon, and you will find plenty of easy walking trails, large bluffs and pretty views from the suspension bridge, which was built in 1922. 

  • Thunder Bay, Ontario 

 Thunder Bay is a fun-town located in Ontario, Canada. It is not as high as Niagara Falls, but the water beautifully falls down over to the rocks in a serene canyon. It also offers excellent and adventurous hiking trails. Just a few miles away from there, visitors can spot Sleeping Giant Provincial Park with Lake Superior’s tremendous views. This place is a jackpot for you if you are an avid nature lover. 

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