GRE exam: all you need to know

GRE exam: all you need to know

GRE also called graduate record examinations is a regulative test that is usually taken worldwide. It is usually needed for the schools which offer a graduate degree, worldwide but basically in America and Canada. It is a general test so if you are planning to go to a graduate school, GRE surely is the best option. If you are planning to go to a law school or a business school, or even if you are just looking for a random option, GRE is the best option you can have. It is a very clever move to show the schools that you have a good GRE score. Following are some points that you might consider useful if you are looking up to taking this test.

  • Only scores that can be molded: In the GRE test, you can score really well. Even if you have not you can take up the test once again and repeated times and you can show the only score in which you scored fabulously.
  • Flexibility of the GRE exam: GRE is the only test that lets you skip questions, and go back to the same section to complete your answer. It is very flexible as it provides the participant to change their answers as well. No matter what GRE surely is the most flexible test.
  • Types of question in the exam: It has questions regarding analysis, verbal and quantitative reasoning which reflect the analysis about your thinking of a particular subject either finance or business. The verbal reasoning tests the test taker’s analysis of the text, summarizing the test or the paragraph, differentiating between minor and major points. It also checks the word-meaning knowledge of the test taker. Its specific focus is on verbal reasoning skills. Analytical reasoning focuses on critical thinking. It also supports complex ideologies and checks the reason and logic behind the test taker’s mind. Its specific focus is on analytical writing skills. The third part, the quantitative reasoning part focuses on the Math module knowledge of the participant.
  • Acceptance in the best schools: About 1100+ schools accept the GRE score. The schools include the top MBA schools, the finance schools. It is conducted by an educational testing service.
  • Why should you take the exam: It is the most commonly accepted exam. Students pursuing a master’s degree or a post-graduate degree must take GRE once. There has been a facility for getting a merit-based scholarship.
  • Who all can give the exam? : There are no particular criteria for giving this exam. Anyone can give the GRE exam but he or she has to have a passport. The passport is shown as an administering card to the examination center as well.
  • GRE exam is accommodative: It accommodates everyone with a graduate degree with no age limit. Anyone can appear at any time, at any point of their lives.
  • GRE exam dates: There is no particular date of giving The GRE exam. You can take it anytime just that you have to take it 2 months prior to your application deadline.

Prepare your GRE exam well while keeping the points in mind.


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