Fun ways to learn spelling words for kids

dictation words for grade 6

Spelling is naming from left to right each of the letters that make up a word. How can you initiate children in this practice? What games can allow us to teach kids how to spell? Does it take a long time? With patience, imagination and fun ideas, you will achieve it. 

Games and activities to teach children to spell

You already know why it is important to teach children to spell before reading. Now you only have to find some games to make this task as interesting as possible. 

1. Spelling as a challenge

You choose a series of simple words such as ‘house’, ‘table’ or ‘tree’ and others a little more complex and long such as ‘trumpet’, ‘castle’ or ‘peach’ and, once they are, Let us spell it out first, you will tell the children to do the same. It will be a challenge with points and everything to see who it betters. Of course, they will give you as many opportunities as you need. They can say it orally, letter by letter or write it on paper with hyphens: home.

2. The letter scavenger hunt

You write a word on a piece of cardboard, cut out the letters and hide them around the room. The children will have to look for them and put all the letters together to form the secret word. You can do the opposite. With the help of the parents, they write down a word of their choice, cut out the letters, hide them, and another participant has to look for them to compose the word again.

3. Word cards

Another great idea to teach children to spell is to use cards with pictures and words on them. You will ask them, looking at the card, to say the word aloud letter by letter. In this way you can also learn 6th grade spelling easily.

4. Spell groups of words 

Write down different groups of words on a piece of paper, for example, seasonal fruits or the names of friends from the park or classmates, and you will spell them several times. You can also group these words by spelling rule: words with a silent V, CH or H; Or do it by using similar sounds like C or Z. Surely, this type of exercise will be of great use to you tomorrow.

5. Special Spelling Books

You can also take literary books home with us. It will not cost you to find simple stories in which a story revolves around the Letter T of the turtle Tomasa. They are the favourites of the little ones!

As you can see, the games to teach children to spell are very simple. You can use dictation words for grade 6 to make learning easy. That is why children tend to like them a lot, for that reason and because it is an activity that they do with mom and dad or with their classmates. You continue with another batch of spelling ideas!

6. you place the letters around the house

You  draw them on the cardboard and place them around the house; Once you have become familiar with the alphabet, you will write a word, put it in a visible place in the house, and the child will have to spell it several times during that day. The next day you will remove that word, you will put a new one, and you will do the same.

7. Magnetic Letters for the Refrigerator

Putting magnetic letters on the refrigerator is also a fun way for children to learn to spell. You will let them place the letters to form the words they want, and then you will invite them to spell it, first looking at the magnets and then without looking using their reasoning.

8. A song to learn the letters of the alphabet

What else can you do to teach the little ones to spell correctly? Well, help them know the alphabet perfectly. To do this, you can use resources as interesting as a song to learn and memorize the alphabet. The is a great platform to learn spelling words of all grade kids.

9. Spelling complex words

Once the children have all become experts in spelling, so much so that you could take them to a contest, you will go a step further and explain how to spell more complex words in which you have to think and know if they carry K, Q or C; or that in that GUE, GUI sound you have to say the letter U.


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