Find Single Bottle Wine Shipping Boxes?


Single Bottle Wine Shipping Boxes require knowledge of the varying state laws governing the sale and

distribution of alcoholic beverages such as wine. But for those who are selling a small

wine collection once, or for those wanting to send bottles to a pal in another state, most

do not wish to apply for a license. Doing so would exhaust a regular person when they see

the number of requirements they have to fulfill just to acquire one license. If your time

is money, this is definitely a losing option, unless you plan to sell wine regularly as a


Use Private Couriers: The United States Postal Service has a strict policy concerning the

shipment of alcoholic beverages. They do not allow it. If the USPS personnel suspect you

are shipping wine, they will usually impound the package. DHL, FedEx and UPS do not

expressly ban such practices. But if they know you are Single Bottle Wine Shipping Boxes , you will have to

answer a lot of questions and do a lot of paperwork. To avoid the red-tape, some people

just ship packages through these carriers declaring that the package contains “glassware”

or similar fragile components.

Packaging, Packaging, Packaging: When shipping wine through couriers, use sturdy boxes, all

of which should be durable and not easily split. Place padding around each bottle using

bubble wrap, and make sure that every single bottle is properly wrapped so that they will

not clink against each other. Assume that once they are packaged, they will be hurled from

one delivery truck to another as the driver sees fit. Towels or blankets can be used to pad

each bottle together to further guarantee the integrity of your merchandise. Be careful

when packaging that you do not damage the labels on the wine. A large part of the value of

each bottle comes from, in part, the quality and integrity of the label on the wine. If the

label is damaged, the value of your bottle of grapey goodness goes down considerably.


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