How to Buy a Commercial Minivan Tyre

Minivan Tyre

Light commercial vehicles known as LCVs or minivans are the most common vehicles after passenger cars all over the world. They come in small and medium-size to carry light to medium level weight. However, their maintenance is a very tough job to do due to their frequent commercial use. 

The most important part for a vehicle to keep going is its tyres. Check your minivan’s tyres once a month or after every five thousand kilometres because it is necessary to keep them fit for your vehicle’s good performance. If any of the four tyres shows damages, it is time to change them all to improve the performance. Here, we are going to discuss what accounts you should consider while buying new tyres for your commercial minivan.

Find Out What You Need in Your Vehicle’s New Tyres

The purpose for you is using your minivan to set the kind of tyres you need for your car. But, here are some of the factors you must consider while buying new tyres for your minivan. 

First is the average payload you carry on your vehicle. Second, the average distance your vehicle travels every day. Weather conditions of your city are the third important factor you must consider. The last factor is the tariffs you charge for loading the weight. If you charge a high tariff, then go for good quality tyres.

Choosing tyres according to your needs and wants will provide optimal comfort and performance.

Buy Tyres That Give You Road Safety

It is always tough to drive a minivan especially when it is fully loaded. Having premium quality tyres not only make driving easy but also improves the standards of road safety. If you are not sure where you can get the premium quality tyres in your country, go to your nearby auto market. You will find top-quality tyres of different world-known brands there. They also provide indefinite variety.

As the road safety is imperative, you must buy tyres that provide the required traction and grip even in wet conditions. Tyres that come with good road grip also increase the chances of the application of a timely brake. 

Consider the Structural Strength of Your Minivan

Minivan tyres’ characteristics vary widely according to the requirements of a make and model. The different characteristics a loader must consider are:

  • Require higher PSIs
  • Stronger rubber compound
  • Higher load ratings

Therefore, before deciding on what tyres to buy, check and read the owner’s manual that came with your minivan to understand the requirements of your van’s model and make. Then, don’t forget to go with premium quality tyres, if you can afford, to get the maximum performance out of these new tyres.

Lower Rolling Resistance Tyres Are Best For Minivans

The Lower rolling resistance tyres increase your profit. Thinking how? They play an important role when it comes to fuel economy as they provide a good fuel average, and save you a lot of money. They are also environmentally-friendly tyres as they cause less sound and air pollution compared to other tyres.

Choose the Best Tyres Within Your Budget

If your budget is less than the amount you need to buy good quality tyres, wait for the right time when you have money. Buying cheap tyres to save money will eventually cost more than good quality tyres. 

Tyres that come at cheap prices have no durability and safety. They can burst at any time and anywhere. Other disadvantages of such tyres are frequent punctures and repairs as they wear much faster than premium quality tyres. The performance of low-quality tyres is also low. So, we suggest you buy premium quality tyres. For instance, Falken Linam Van01 are LT tires known for their durability and incredible grip. 

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Reliability and durability are the most important factors while considering buying new tyres for your minivan. Also, do your research before buying new tyres. But if you are not into it, go according to the manufacturer’s recommendation specified on the vehicle manual.


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