9 Table Plants You Should Have In Your Work From Home Setting


Your office has moved to your home because its work from home. For the office vibes and to create an ideal working environment, you have created a work from home space. There is a dedicated space in your home, complete with a working desk and chairs. The walls are covered with sticky notes, and there is a corner with a cute organizer. But, still, you feel something is missing. You surely miss your colleagues and plants. 

When working from home, plants are as important as working from the office. At home, you can face trouble with concentration and focus because everyone is around doing their chores. Work from home has become monotonous, and you feel sleepy, especially in the afternoon. To boost your productivity and excel in work as you used to do in the office, you need to add table plants to your space. 

As the name makes it quite clear, the plants are to be kept on the table. It is the ideal choice for everyone. People with less space can benefit from it. Your working table will look appealing. Some of the desk plants are low-maintenance. 

  1. Devil’s Ivy: The general name for Devil’s Ivy is Pothos. There are different types of Pothos like golden Pothos, white Pothos, etc. The leaves of this plant are large and are in heart shape. The leaf colour varies from light to green. Sometimes it has a golden and white hue, and that’s why it is called golden Pothos, white Pothos. It is an adaptive plant that can grow in both low and bright light. You can place it on the windowsill. 
  1. Aglaonema: Aglaonema is a popular plant in Chinese, where it refers to long life. Aglaonema has deep green leaves, but sometimes it develops silver and red bands. Aglaonema looks pretty because of its leaves and flowers, which are distinct and unique. 
  1. Philodendron: Philodendron is a kind of indoor plant that you should have when working from home—the large, lush leaves in a deep green shade. The leaves have a glossy coating. Making it the best ever choice for your desk. Your space will exude tropical vibes. 
  1. Peace Lily: An air-purifying plant that bears serene white flowers! It keeps the air clean, removes toxins. It is a vigorous grower, and it is best for focal point and screening. The leaves of the plant are wide and broad. The dark green colour perfectly contrasts with the white flowers. It can tolerate low light levels as well. If your place doesn’t receive a lot of sunlight, you can have this on your table. 
  1. Dracaena: An excellent choice for eliminating pollutants from the air where you work. It is easy to care for and can tolerate negligence and drought-like conditions. It is a sturdy plant with thin leaves that are often colourful—a bold, dark and forgiving foliage for your desktop table. 
  1. Cactus: Cactus will teach you resilience in tough times. Having a cactus is not a bad idea. They are trustworthy friends. Just make sure nobody, especially a kid, touches your table as its horns can prick. Cactus prefer bright sunlight; if you have a window, you can keep this one. 
  1. Aloe Vera: A medicinal plant to grow and embrace if your desk is located by a sunny spot or window. It’s a medicinal plant with lots of benefits. You can apply the gel on the face and feel fresh after the 9-5 work shift. 
  1. ZZ Plant: A ZZ plant can grow with low light and water requirements. The laddered leaves of the ZZ is a pleasing addition to your work from home setting. It is also known as the excellent stress buster plant. Release all the office stress by adding this to your working space. 
  1. Lucky Bamboo: A Feng Shui plant that is easy to grow and maintain! Keep changing the water, and it shall bless you. You can go with a heart-shaped or spiral-shaped bamboo plant to add more drama to your workplace. 

Embellish your workspace with these table plants. It shall help you increase your productivity as well as make your work from home space more beautiful. 


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