7 aspects of being a successful music producer


These days, the main income in the music business comes not from CD sales, but from concerts and other performances.

This is due, first of all, to the development of computer technologies, with the help of which it is easy to create pirated discs that are in no way inferior in sound quality to the real ones. The cost of pirated products is much lower than licensed ones, and most of the buyers make an understandable choice far from being in favor of “legitimate” music.

So it is money from concerts that is one of the main sources of financial well-being for both the artist and the person who promotes him – the music producer .

Nowadays, the success of an artist or a musical project largely depends on the professional abilities of its producer.

And, perhaps, it is the production, and not the efforts and talents of performers, composers and poets, that is today one of the most powerful and successful driving forces for the development and promotion of both individual performers and the music industry as a whole.

This article examines seven main aspects of a music producer’s work and his collaboration with an artist, thanks to which the process of promoting a music project is almost guaranteed to lead to excellent results.

1.  First of all, the personal and professional qualities of the producer are of great importance. He must be able to find a common language with all representatives of show business, each of which has its own, often very difficult character (remember, for example, the king of the Russian stage).

2.  For any music producer, it is important to be able to navigate the music market, understand its laws and catch its trends. A true producer never stops at what has been achieved, he perfectly understands that the world of the music industry is extremely dynamic and unstable.

Therefore, the key to the success of a producer in his business lies in constant improvement and development. This also applies to the process of promotion of the current musical project, and the search for new promising performers.

3.  Producer work begins with finding new talent. To this end, the producer usually visits various clubs , where he can personally evaluate the performances of the artists and, importantly, understand how the public perceives them. Some producers prefer to hire club staff to inform them about new interesting performers.

Another way to search for promising material, but, unfortunately, not so effective, is to listen to demos sent by musicians.

In some cases, a producer can draw attention to the work of an artist by viewing his work, posted on the network, either on his personal page, or on any other site. New talents can also be found at all kinds of local creative gatherings and festivals.

So, a promising artist has been found …

4.  The next step is to find a suitable studio to record the album.

In this business, producers are usually guided by the promotion of the studio. Recording in a successful, well-promoted studio is a great start for aspiring artists and another solid stepping stone for celebrity celebrities.

5.  An important milestone in the promotion of a musical project is filming a video.

Here you can go in several ways. The most productive is, of course, cooperation with a well-known director-clip-maker, but, unfortunately, this method is also the most expensive. Although, of course, everything happens in life …

An impressive budget is not a guarantee of a high-quality result, just as a small investment does not mean that the video will be weak.

To protect himself from all sides, the producer can arrange for himself such a tender, in which several directors will take part. Based on the results of the tender, the producer chooses the best option from all the proposed ones and then cooperates with only one director.

6.  After the filming of the video is over, it is the turn of its rotation on the air.

If a producer has established contacts with program directors of radio stations and TV channels specializing in music, he can count on free rotation.

But, as a rule, this concerns, first of all, already popular songs, which are also suitable for a TV channel or radio station in format. The as-yet-unknown song can only be played in paid rotation.

7. The  promotion of an artist also includes carrying out a kind of advertising campaigns. This can be either direct advertisements posted in various media, or published or featured interviews.

The same principle applies here as in the rotation. The media write and talk about the famous artist on their own initiative, but for the PR of a novice performer, the producer has to use the working budget.

Some producers, in order to increase the popularity of their musical project, can organize so-called black PR: scandalous messages are spread about the artist, which are later refuted.

If a producer has successfully passed all the steps on the path to the star top described above, he and his artist can count on a fair reward for their work.


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