4 Signs of Duct Repair by HVAC Companies in Atlanta

HVAC Companies in Atlanta

If you are like one of the most homeowners, then probably you don’t put too much focus on the ducts until the problem has gone too far. According to HVAC Companies in Atlanta, this is the worst thing you can do with your HVAC systems. But, the good news is, if you pay attention, the ducts will start to give you signs as soon as there is any problem. However, first, you need to know what these signs are. In this article, you’ll find the four most common signs that indicate you need to get duct repair services.

Uneven Cooling or Heating throughout the Space

Have you noticed that the temperature is different in every room of the house? This is due to the uneven spread of the cold and hot air because of the blocked or closed vent. Or else, it could also be more serious problem. For instance, there can be air leaks due to holes, cracks, tears, and loose joints in the duct. This usually happens when the debris is collected in the ducts or when the vents are undersized. No matter what the reason is, do not ignore this sign and hire HVAC Contractors in Marietta, GA, for the repair.

Unexpected Increase in Energy Bills

At a certain time of the year, it is normal to see a slight increase in energy bills. However, if you are experiencing it in the off-seasons, it is a sign of trouble. The main reason for the issue is that the HVAC system is working harder than it is supposed to. If that’s the case, check for refrigerant levels, leaks, and most importantly, for holes and tears in the duct. The moving of items in the attic can make holes in the ductwork, that aren’t noticeable. And because of that you are heating and cooling the attic without knowing, consequently increasing the energy bills.

Call the best Atlanta heating and air conditioning company to fix the leaks right away. Make sure you are not doing it yourself, as it can worsen the damage instead of getting rid of it.

More Filter Changes Required

In the peak season, you’ll have to change the filter for AC units and furnaces every month or two. The best option will be to do it every 30 days. But, if you are changing it regularly and still noticing they are clogging up faster, then there is a fault in the duct that requires immediate attention.

Noticeable Mold

If there is an uncomfortable moldy smell around the house without any obvious reason, the issue can be in the air ducts. This problem is often deepened during the summers when cool air pass the ducts. Also, you will start noticing more dust around the house. It shows that your duct requires repair. Call reliable heating and air company for the job.

Hire Trustworthy HVAC Company in Atlanta for Repair Services

Once you identify any of the above signs, it is time to hire someone as soon as possible before the damage is out of control. Here, HVAC experts like No Excuses Heating and Air can offer you the full range of duct cleaning and repair services, so you have an efficiently working HVAC system.


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